I love iherb

I love iherb, a natural products superstore for the whole family. Since having 2 kids, I have become more health conscious. We eat organic and use eco-friendly products whenever possible. iherb has a huge selection of natural products. Online shopping is also much more convenient than going to the stores for me. I have bought pantry and bathroom full of health products from iherb. I will try to review some of the products we have tried when my 2 kiddos ‘allowed’ me to sit in front of the computer:D……

Overall, I’m glad to have found iherb. iherb has been named “The #1 online store” for 5 years running for good reasons, below are just some of the reasons my family shop at iherb.

1. iherb is a natural products superstore!…..the range and variety of products iherb carries is huge! From vitamins, supplements, sports nutrition, superfoods, bath and beauty, kids and babies, pet supplies, weight loss, aroma therpy to grocery. Choose from literally 35,000+ healthy and “green” products.

2. iherb has all the Top Brands….Dr Mercola, as recommended by Dr Oz and much much more… …

3. Assurance of freshness with actual product expiration dates.

4. What’s more, their prices are much much cheaper than what I would pay in our local health stores, even after shipping is included. No joke!

5. iherb ships internationally to most countries.

6. At a very very reasonable US and international shipping rate. Free shipping with minimum order, zero sales tax*, October 2013 promotion includes free DHL global shipping*). Normal shipping rate is a mere $4 flat* (see iherb website for details and terms).

7. Effortless ordering and reordering with just a few clicks.

8. Real live customer service support from their California facility.

9. Personal privacy and credit card security.

Organic and eco-friendly can be budget-friendly at iherb. Specialty grocery items (e.g. gluten-free, vegan, organic, etc.) don’t have to destroy your budget. Want to fuel your fitness and trim your budget? Shop iHerb.com. You can even save $10 off your first order of $40 or more; or $5 off orders less than $40! just by using iherb Discount Rewards Code EJE156. 

Visit iHerb.com today!


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